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employing principle:

we expect outstanding talents to join us with quality, wisdom, enthusiasm and creativity to meet the challenges and opportunities of the company in the future.

talent selection principle:

those who have good character and strong ability will be used in important work; those who have good character and are willing to study will be trained and used;

those who have strong ability but poor character will be used in limited fields; those who have poor ability and poor character will be eliminated from the company;

due to the rapid development of tangshan fangzhou industrial co., ltd.shipyard, it is urgent to join the elites. the company further promotes the talent incentive policy, providing a broader development space and platform for all elite talents to create a better tomorrow for the fangzhou shipyard.

recruitment email: [email protected]

contact number: 0315-4412788

interested parties can directly submit resumes, email subject format: job position - school - professional - name.

service hotline
address:zuidong economic development
zone caofeidian tangshan
hebei province
fax: 86-315-4412757
email:[email protected]
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